LOGONET non elastic

LOGONET non elastic

LOGONET non elastic nets for sausages made of polyester thread. They allow you to highlight the product at the points of sale, to provide it with the unique recognizable appearance. At minimal cost, the nets are an effective tool for positioning the product in the premium segment. Thanks to the “handmade” appearance, sausages in nets are perceived by consumers as more natural and of higher quality.

The use of LOGONET nets reduces the possibility of sausage casing tears, which is especially important for large-sized, and high-degree overstuffed products.

LOGONET non elastic nets are designed primarily for use along with polyamide casings (due to their lower elasticity, fibrous and collagen casings give better results in the form of ready-made casings with the pre-glued net, such as the NETCASING casing).

Scope of use

Various types of cooked sausage and ham, meat delicacies

Specifications and advantages

  • Provide the product an attractive “handmade” appearance.
  • Allow to position the product in the premium category at minimal cost.
  • Wide variety of net weaving types for the unique look of your product.
  • Best together with polyamide sausage casings. The net forms a characteristic relief on the surface of the sausage, severity of which depends on the degree of stuffing the product.


Caliber range: 32 to 90 mm.

Base colors: white, red, black (other colors are at the request)

At the customer’s request, the net can be supplied shirred on the sleeves.
The standard length of the net on the sleeve is 25 m.
The inner diameter of the sleeve is from 40 to 60 mm, the length of the sleeve is 170-200 mm (depending on the customer's needs).

Net weaving types