LOGOTEX is a textile casing with an edible collagen layer applied inside, sewn in the form of bags of various shapes.

After heat treatment and cooling, the textile casing is easily removed, and the collagen layer, sintered during the heat treatment with the surface of the product, forms an appetizing edible crust. The textile base of the casing allows you to create a wide range of bags for filling, allowing meat producers to expand and update their assortment.

COMPOSITION: polypropylene non-woven fabric, polyester thread, collagen film.

PURPOSE: LOGOTEX textile casings are suitable for manufacturing all types of sausage products, their most effective use is for ham, semi-smoked and boiled-smoked sausages and delicacies


  1. Individual and attractive «handmade» appearance of the products;
  2. The variety of shapes;
  3. Appetizing  baked crust on the surface of the product;
  4. High mechanical strength of the casing;
  5. Opportunity of clipping and hand knitting;
  6. Easy removal of the textile layer after heat treatment;
  7. Excellent hygienic performance compared to natural casings;
  8. Small weight loss of the product in the heat treatment process.


Sheets, sleeves, sewn bag-type casings.
Standard shapes of sewn bag-type casings: bung, chicken, turkey, turkey stick, piglet, bull, Christmas tree, peanut.
It is possible to produce individual forms.

The collagen layer can be made of the colorless Beckdorin film or the colored one.

Film colors: pink, salmon pink, light caramel, dark caramel, light chocolate, dark chocolate, light smoke, dark smoke, black.


LOGOTEX casing
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